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Legal Disclaimer & Copyright

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Copyright Policy


The copyright policy provides guidance to the Med-IQ staff in compliance with this policy and requirements of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).


Copyright is the right of an author of an original tangible work to prevent others from copying, using, distributing, publishing, or selling the work. In addition, copyrighting prevents others from reproducing, distributing, performing, displaying, or preparing derivative works based upon the original copyrighted work. Works of authorship include literary or written works, musical works, pictures, graphics, charts, sculptures, motion pictures, video or sound recordings, and computer programs. Copyright does not extend to the ideas expressed in the work (i.e., an idea cannot be copyrighted). Copyright only extends to the particular tangible expression created by the author. Because Med-IQ and its presenters/authors often present such original tangible works in the context of continuing medical education (CME), this policy is important and relevant, especially with regard to enduring materials and Internet CME.

In general, the copyright for works created by an individual on or after January 1, 1978, begins at the date of creation and continues for the life of the author plus 50 years. Jointly copyrighted works continue in effect for 50 years after the death of the last surviving author. The copyright in works owned by Med-IQ or a corporation exists for 75 years from the year of first publication or 100 years from the date of creation, whichever expires first.

The copyright notice provides "fair notice" that the material is Med-IQ's property. It also can prevent other parties from claiming "innocent use" or any belief that the material might be in the public domain.


Med-IQ will copyright all CME activities, whether live or enduring materials.

Med-IQ staff or designated program faculty will obtain permission from the copyright holder to use and/or reproduce copyrighted materials in its CME activities.

Presenters and authors of CME activities sponsored by Med-IQ will be advised to use standard copyright practices in footnoting the use of others’ materials in educational materials, including printed syllabi and slides.

When works are created by Med-IQ employees, copyright vests in Med-IQ because of the employer-employee relationship. The same is true for freelance or outsourced contributors; if there is any doubt, a written assignment of copyright should be obtained in advance from the outsourced contributor. When works are created for Med-IQ by non employees, copyright vests in Med-IQ only by virtue of a written contract. Med-IQ obtains the copyright in a work by having the author or copyright owner assign the copyright to Med-IQ in a contract.


A copyright notice must be displayed on all materials in which Med-IQ owns the copyright and which are distributed to the public or outside Med-IQ. An example of an appropriate copyright notice is as follows:

"© 2018 Med-IQ, Inc."

Computer program screen displays, including Internet CME Web sites, as well as CD-ROMs, video recordings, and other visual material, should always include a copyright notice both on the visual display and on the reel, disk, CD, or other container, as well as on any handout material or syllabus that accompanies the activity.

As a general rule, copyrighted materials may not be used or reproduced by another party without advance permission of the copyright holder. An exception to this rule is the "fair use" doctrine.

The "fair use" doctrine permits the limited use of excerpts of copyrighted works for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, or research. Use of a commercial nature is not fair use. Fair use is not permissible as a substitute for subscribing to or purchasing copies of an available work. Fair use is determined based upon the facts of each case.

Med-IQ should not use or reproduce copyrighted works of others without their advance written permission. Likewise, others should not use or reproduce the copyrighted works of Med-IQ without its advance written permission.

The Copyright Specialist handles all requests from third parties to use excerpts or limited portions of Med-IQ copyrighted materials for a limited period of time on a non exclusive basis. A common example is a request for permission to use a chart, illustration, or textual excerpt from Med-IQ work in the work being prepared by the requester, such as a textbook or article. Requests to translate Med-IQ copyrighted works also are handled by the Copyright Specialist.

In accordance with ACCME policies, Internet CME activities must state in the General CME Information page(s) the name of the copyright holder, and if the holder is not Med-IQ that permission has been granted to Med-IQ to use the materials contained in the Internet CME activity.

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